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I've not done many/any gallery things since but I have one planned for 2022 in Glasgow. Contact me if you do want to Invite me to do something.

Solo Exhibitions

2014 - Mishka,

            Brooklyn, NY

            "Mishkology - Ashmadethis"


Joint Exhibitions

2011 - Milgis,
            Cardiff, UK
            "Designer violence launch"
2012 - 10 feet tall,
            Cardiff, UK
            "Affordable art show"
2012 - Liverpool tattoo convention,
            Liverpool, UK
            "Star boards"

2012 - Resistance Gallery,

            London, UK


2013 - We Hang Fire Gallery,

            Bristol, UK

           "Trick or treat"

2014 - Stokes Croft,

            Bristol, UK

            "Plastik schmack!"

2014 - Ugly Gallery,

            New Bedford, MASS

           "Evil Ugly Monster Show"

2014 - We Hang Fire Gallery,

            Bristol, UK

           "Friends with pens"

2014 - Scumbags and superstars,

            Brooklyn, NY

            "Holiday group show"

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